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About ERTC

Why Business Owners Should Hurry to Check Their Eligibility

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As a business owner, you understand the importance of exploring every avenue to enhance your financial position. Have you considered the potential benefits of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)? This government program offers eligible businesses substantial financial relief, empowering you to retain employees and invest in your growth and success or recover the costs incurred in retaining them throughout the pandemic.

Now is the time to act. Checking your business’s eligibility for the ERTC is a critical step that could unlock valuable resources for your operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting, a local wealth consulting firm, is here to guide you through the process. We specialize in helping businesses like yours determine their ERTC eligibility. With our expert knowledge and support, you can rest assured that your business is making informed decisions.

It’s essential to remain vigilant against scams and fraudulent schemes targeting business owners seeking ERTC assistance. Trust a reputable, local business like Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting to ensure your business’s best interests are protected throughout the qualification process.

Why Choose Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting?

Partner With Us To Determine Your ERTC Eligibility


We’ve formed a strategic partnership with a leading law firm and CPA, offering you a comprehensive approach to determining your ERTC eligibility.


With our deep understanding of the ERTC guidelines, we can identify potential…and often overlooked…opportunities for your business to qualify and access the available benefits.


If you’ve been denied the ERTC benefit, it’s worth obtaining a second opinion from us. The rules can be complex and at times illogical. Our extensive expertise in the ERTC program has enabled us to secure refunds for clients who were initially told they didn’t qualify. 


Our experienced professionals simplify the regulations, guide you through the process, and stay up-to-date with the latest ERTC updates, providing accurate information and maximizing your chances of qualifying.


As a local company deeply rooted in the community, we are dedicated to supporting local businesses and helping them thrive.


Experience peace of mind throughout your ERTC journey with our trusted expertise and support.


Gain peace of mind throughout your ERTC journey as our team delivers a fact-specific legal opinion customized to your business. This ensures you possess the vital support and documentation required to substantiate your qualification with confidence.


Our fee structure is designed to align our interests with yours. We only get paid when you receive the ERTC benefit. Our fee is a competitive 20% of your overall credit, ensuring that we are motivated to maximize your benefit while minimizing your costs.

ERTC Process in Three Simple Steps

Streamlined ERTC Process for Maximum Benefits

Consultation & Documentation

Begin by scheduling a consultation call with our ERTC experts at Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting. During the call, we’ll guide you through a checklist of requested financial reports. This information will help us assess your eligibility accurately and efficiently.

Eligibility Determination

Once we have gathered the necessary financial information, our team, in collaboration with our trusted law firm and CPA partners, will determine your eligibility for the ERTC. The law firm will then prepare a comprehensive legal opinion tailored specifically to your business. After you review the legal opinion and sign the refund application, we’ll submit it to the IRS on your behalf.

Await Payment

Sit back and relax as we handle the process from here. Our fee structure is designed to align our interests with yours. We only get paid when you receive the ERTC benefit. Our fee is a competitive 20% of your overall credit. Rest assured; we are committed to maximizing your benefit and minimizing costs. Let us handle the paperwork.

Your ERTC Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and how can it benefit my business?

The ERTC is a government program designed to provide financial relief to eligible businesses that have faced economic challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers tax credits for retaining employees and can significantly reduce your business’s payroll tax liability, providing additional funds to invest in recovery and growth.

How do I know if my business is eligible for the ERTC?

Eligibility for the ERTC depends on various factors, including the size of your business, revenue reduction, and whether you received certain government assistance. Our Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting team, in partnership with a law firm and CPA, will assess your business’s unique circumstances to determine your qualification. We will only file your claim after we rigorously research your factual situation and determine that you qualify. Then we provide a fact-specific legal opinion that supports your eligibility for the benefit. This opinion protects you in case the IRS later challenges your eligibility.

What sets Pinnacle Global Wealth apart from other financial planning firms when it comes to the ERTC?

Pinnacle Global Wealth stands out by offering a comprehensive approach to ERTC benefits. We’ve partnered with a renowned law firm and CPA firm, enabling us to provide you with a legal opinion that supports your eligibility and protects you if you are later audited. Our team’s deep expertise and local presence guarantee personalized guidance and attention to detail that will maximize the benefit your business receives.

How long does the ERTC program last, and when should I take action?

The availability of the ERTC is time-sensitive. The program was initially implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been extended multiple times. However, it’s essential to take prompt action to seize the current benefits. Don’t delay—contact us today for a consultation to assess your eligibility and start accessing the valuable ERTC benefits.

Are there any scams or fraudulent schemes related to the ERTC that I should be aware of?

Unfortunately, scammers often target business owners during times of uncertainty, and this program is no exception. Many promoters are filing claims for business owners without examining their specific facts–betting the IRS will not have the manpower to audit them later. We don’t do that. We will only file an ERTC claim for you after we have carefully reviewed your specific facts and concluded that you meet all the requirements for qualification. It’s crucial to be cautious and partner with reputable firms like Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting. As a trusted local company deeply committed to the community, we prioritize your business’s best interests and provide reliable support. Be vigilant of unsolicited offers and always verify the credentials of anyone offering ERTC assistance.

How much does it cost?

At Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only get paid when you receive the ERTC benefit. Our fee is a competitive 20% of your overall credit. We are committed to maximizing your benefit while minimizing your costs, ensuring you receive the greatest financial advantage from the program

Discover Your ERTC Eligibility Today!

Take the first step towards uncovering the ERTC benefits your business may be entitled to. Schedule a free consultation with our ERTC experts at Pinnacle Global Wealth Consulting and explore the potential opportunities awaiting your business.

Don’t miss out on this time-sensitive opportunity. Act now to see if your business qualifies for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Together, we’ll navigate the eligibility determination process and set your business on the path to financial success.